Hypnobirthing class

So if you are at all worried about the birth....

Then you are very much normal!

If you ask most women in the street how they feel at the thought of giving birth, the comments are most likely to be pretty negative. Everywhere you look the image of giving birth has become a pretty scary one that understandably can make you feel worried about how you will cope.

As you can see from this infographic, the big problem with feeling fearful and anxious is that it actually prevents your body from being able to birth in a calm relaxed way and keeps you in this cycle of fear, tension and so pain.

There is so much information out there and so many different classes but very few of them help you to really tackle the big issue of how to get rid of the fears and worries and how to really work with your body rather than fight it. 

As for the Hypnostuff. You may 

So in answer to the first, would you call the Duchess of Cambridge or Greg Rutherford the hippy dippy types?

Didn't think so! They both used hypnobirthing so to put your mind at rest - you do not have to be a hippy or earth mother (but great if you are), do not have to have a natural birth and with this course you most definitely do not need to use any silly words that make you and your partner feel a bit uncomfortable! 
Asal in Germany recently did this course and she is far from an earth mother, hippy dippy type. She said:-

“ Your online course is brilliant! The content is excellent: comprehensive, detailed, interesting and in bite sized modules.

It strikes a great balance between the science and the art of birth. Compared to other hypnobirthing classes, yours is a lot more comprehensive, detailed and user friendly.” 

So what will you get from doing this course?

In a headline overview, by doing this course you will learn all those things that Midwives tell you are so incredibly important – namely breathing, relaxing, trusting your body and not being scared.

Easier said than done you may think.

However, once you understand the nitty gritty of why these things are so important, plus you then learn really quick and easy ways to achieve them, everything else begins to fall into place.

In addition, you will learn how to manage and change your thought patterns to help achieve deep relaxation (mind over matter) plus you will learn how to use the state of deep relaxation to work with your body during contractions which by default will reduce the degree of pain you feel.

You will also learn a whole of host of practical comfort measures that both you and your birth partner can practice and use on the big day which will help

a) mum to stay calm, focused and in control and

b) to help dad / partner to feel really helpful and useful rather than a spare part!

So if time and location is an issue then the old phrase any time, any place, anywhere will be a welcome thought.

No matter where you are or where you are planning on having your baby, this course will take you step by step through everything you need to know and do, to help you stay calm, focused and in control.

Recently, Nicole who lives in the outback in Australia used this course for the birth of baby Cade. She had a really tough time with her first birth so was desperate to have a better experience this time round. She is 2 hours away from her nearest antenatal class  and of course child care was a bit of an issue, so this course was perfect for her. 

“Doing the online course was one of the best decisions I have ever made! It gave me a really good understanding of my body and birth and gave me the confidence to trust in my body. I was really able to enjoy the whole thing as I felt so in control, was totally able to cope with the pain and keep a level head. Even though I was induced I was able to do it all without any pain relief. Even my obstetrician commented on how well I was doing.

After the birth I felt nothing but pure happiness. I couldn't wait to tell my family and friends how wonderful my birth was - I even described it as blissful and immediately after I said to my husband I definitely want to do this again!!!

Once you have done this course, I guarantee you will look back and think – “well that all makes perfect sense… why aren’t all antenatal courses just like this!”

​The investment for the course will be £97 

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About Me

Hi, my name is Maggie Howell and I am a true embodiment of someone who walks the talk.  I began teaching Hypnotherapy for birth back in 2000 after I taught myself the techniques for the birth of my first son (now 16 and taller than me!). 

I have since gone on to have 4 more amazing births and developed the things I learnt into the UK's most popular method of hypnobirthing. 

The Natal Hypnotherapy method has been used by well over 100,000 women and is acknowledged and supported by thousands of midwives.

You probably already know about my hypnobirthing downloads, book and physical classes,  but now is your chance to access the accumulation of my 16 years’ experience teaching women, their partners as well as hundreds of midwives by doing my new online hypnobirthing class.

I have created this course to make it super easy for anyone to access the learning and preparation. The online course is split into 16 bit sized modules with videos, presentations, quizzes, hypnosis downloads, handouts and worksheets.

You can access the course 24 /7 and watch it on any device so you can learn all these amazing techniques any where and at any time that suits you.

I will be on hand to answer any questions via the discussion forum or our exculsive facebook group. 

As one mum said

"Thank you Maggie for your amazing course and your support. Even though we never met I felt like I knew you and your voice instantly calmed me when I put my ipod on. I cannot recommend this course highly enough, I think this preparation is crucial for the best birth possible!!!!”